Sick of wasting time chasing up dead-end prospects and harassing friends and family to join your MLM business?

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Do you know where the money REALLY
is in your MLM business?

The truth is, when you run your own business as part of a successful
Multi-Level-Marketing company like you do,

The REAL money is in your downline.

Your downline is your biggest asset to increased profits and accelerated business growth.

1 can bring in 2. 2 becomes 4. 4 becomes 8.
And business is booming.


Because you need to go out and find the people right?...
You need to spend hours and hours excitedly chasing prospects only to find that they go 'cold'.
You doing all the hard work,

Seeking out potential prospects...
Getting past the FEAR of the approach.

Making dead end calls or wasting time sending emails that get ignored.

Pinning all your hopes on a prospect, chasing them up with hopeful anticipation...only to find the chase goes cold.


It's a common misconception is that it's YOUR job to go out and find your downline. To chase them... and find them and 'sign them up'.

But ask yourself... What is the reaction when something is chased?

The answer... it RUNS AWAY.


However, when those same people WILLINGLY respond – and seek out for themselves the opportunity you present, how much more likely will it be – that they will 'stick' and continue to grow with your leadership and direction?

Your responsibility is to provide leadership.
Direction and encouragement.

It's NOT to go out and chase so hard that one day you will turn around and realise there is nobody left within 'chasing distance' of you.

And when you think about it the other way round...
It makes so much more sense.
To Let your recruits FIND YOU.

It has been proved that the quality of your recruits is the single most important factor in growing your downline quickly and effectively.

Think about it...

If a person has already made the all important decision to search for an opportunity for themselves.

They've already made a pretty big commitment...
They've proved they're keen, willing and able...

And it means it's going to be SO much easier to convert them from prospects into active and willing business partners.

It's a proven FACT that prospects who search, themselves, for a company to join are 10 x more likely to be active, successful and profitable.

And that means YOU will be much more successful and profitable because you are
doing things the right way. Make Sense?

And now you know - you need to be able to be FOUND by your prospects.

And by giving yourself an opportunity to be 'found'...

You are giving yourself the very best opportunity of recruiting, active, successful and profitable prospects.

Growing your downline, building your business, and massively
increasing your profits.

You see, there's people out there, looking for opportunities in your business,

Looking for you. Looking to be successful. Looking to profit.

And these are the people YOU need.
These are the people who are looking for you.

Now all you need to do is to help them to find you.

And how do you do that?


iBiz.Directory is a site where hungry prospects can find YOU - and you can represent yourself as a business authority with a powerful online presence.

With iBiz.Directory's completely FREE listing,
You will be heads above the rest with a professional online profile,
Representing you and your business.

You will get to:

  • Let your prospects FIND YOU.
  • Grow your downline quicker and with more quality than ever before.
  • Recruit, active, successful and profitable recruits.
  • Position yourself as a leader (remember when you do this, people will naturally follow you!)

You will:

  • Get noticed.
  • Get found.
  • Get contacted.
  • Get the RIGHT people to join your business.
  • Get out there and list your business and events
  • Position yourself as a leader.
  • Boost your status and business authority.

And best of all. You get to stop wasting your time chasing and harassing everyone that comes into arms reach. The people that you need are looking for you.

And with a business listing on iBiz.Directory, they WILL be able to find you.

And the best thing?

Just imagine,

No more chasing prospects only to find they go 'cold'.

No more dead end calls...

No more cold fear at the thought of just one more approach.

No more chasing. Not anymore.

With a free listing on iBiz.Directory you will have yourself the BEST possible opportunity to grow your all important downline. And – it is able to be duplicated.

Your new business partners can do the same thing, to grow their own businesses the right way, from day one.

iBiz.Directory is non company specific directory site which means we support the Multi-Level-Marketing industry as a whole.

So you can rest assured that we have only YOUR best interests at heart.

No one else's. We want you to succeed.

We want you to have the most successful business you can. And with your business and yourself listed with iBiz.Directory

We'll make sure that you have the very best chance possible to build, grown and boost your business, and your profits.

Totally for free!

So sign up for free now and put yourself you head and shoulders above the rest.
We really look forward to hearing your success stories with iBiz.Directory

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